San Diego Memorial Day Senior Baseball Tournament

2021 Teams

N * Team Contact Record RA
(4 gm)
2021 MVP
70-x Dragons Allan Green

70-x San Diego Mudcats John Hopkins

70-x San Diego ShaggersBill Sturgeon

70-x Tri Valley AntiquesDenny Brown

70-x Vets Don de Cordova

65-x Arkansas Diamonds John Godfrey

65-x Berry's Athletic Supply John Enright

65-x LA Athletics Bob Sherwin

65-x Paladin USA Vince Overfelt

65-x Sacramento Senators Bob Branson

65-x Sacramento Tribe Mike Thatcher, Joe Soto

65-x San Diego Heat Gib Ninness

65-x Seattle Silver Foxes Ken Combs, John Ihrig

60-x Giltner Padres John Zaverl

60-x LA Dodgers

60-x SoCal Angels Ron Lovell

60-x Tri Valley Cal Tribute Art Scears

* Team numbers will be assigned in random order to create the schedule; they are abbreviations, not seeds. Seeding will only be in effect for playoff games based on records, as described in Rules and FAQ.
In playoffs, 65 teams will have American and National divisions of 3 teams, seed 1 earning a bye. The 60 teams will have a National division of 4 teams playing the standard 4v1 and 3v2 semi-finals, and the American and Central divisions of 3 teams with seed 1 earning a bye like the 65 division.

65 Division will remain 7-inning games ("9 innings makes a long day longer").

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Updated 3/06/2021

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