San Diego Memorial Day Senior Baseball Tournament

2014 Teams

N * Team Contact PhoneRec Playoff
2014 MVP
A1 Arizona Tribe (Phoenix AZ) John Silingo
3-2A2 Ken Fleisch
A2 Flying Squirrels (San Francisco CA) Jim Realini 650-520-16911-4A7 Greg Terra
A3 Mudcats Express (San Diego CA) Terry McFadden 760-715-5377 0-5A8
A4 Paladin USA (Albuquerque NM) Vince Overfelt 505-252-77764-2A3 all team
A5 San Diego Shaggers (San  Diego CA) Bill Sturgeon 858-663-4199 2-3 A4 Armando Ortega
A6 Seattle Silver Foxes (Seattle WA) Ken Combs
6-0A1 Bart Waldman
A7 Salt Lake Dodgers Mike Garver
A8 Taos Tortugas (Taos NM) Norm Cutliff
3-3 A6
N1 California Tribe (Sacramento CA) Ken Chavez
3-3 N7 Joe Soto
N2 Greenwood Ridge Dragons (Santa Rosa CA) Allan Green
4-2N1 Larry Hendrickson
N3 LA Athletics (Los Angeles CA) Bob Sherwin 818-512-5348 5-1
N2 Danny Pawelek, Dan Little,
Dave Peyman, Jon Scheuerman
N4 LA Dodgers (Los Angeles CA) Cobe Haskell
N5 North County Storm (San Diego CA)Dave Hovland, John Naslund.760-213-0196 (JN) 3-2N4 Mike Thatcher
N6 San Diego Buzzards (San Diego CA)Mike Mallow, Dave Schneider,
3-3N5 Sam Ceci
N7 San Diego Heat (San Diego CA) Gib Ninness
N8 Tri Valley Antiques (Oakland CA)Angelo Crudale925-785-51531-4 N6 Jim Collins

* Team numbers were assigned in random (alpha) order to create the schedule; they are not seeds. Seeding will only be in effect for playoff games based on records.

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