San Diego Memorial Day Senior Baseball Tournament

Player Agent: Jim Teeter (858-999-5141)

STOP! Sorry, the submission form is not always working for this page. Please send me the following info by mail or give me a call. If I do receive your online inquiry I should be back to you by midnight same day.

PLAYERS If you are a player looking for a team, join the player pool. Please fill out the requested info below and click the SUBMIT button. All requested information will be sent to the Director of the Player Pool; the only info to be displayed for others will be The CURRENT PLAYER POOL info below. Team managers will be given the contact info when requested.


MANAGERS If you are looking for a player for your team, see below and click this link to request a copy of the player pool, which includes contact info: Request a copy of player pool

Name Age Bats Throws Positions Residence City Availability
1. Player 1

2. Player 2

3. Player 3

4. Player 4

Updated 4/03/2020

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