San Diego Memorial Day Senior Baseball Tournament

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Q. What is the tournament status?
A. We are accepting applications for teams to play in the 2017 tournament. There is room for individuals in the Player Pool.

Q. What is the team fee?
A. Fee for 2016 is $155 per player. We supply baseballs, beverages, lunch and umpires. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization so if you make checks out to "North County Mens Baseball League" the major part (all but meals and items of value provided to you) will be income tax deductible (2015 estimated $130 deductible).

Q. What happens if it rains?
A. The chance of significant rain at this time in San Diego is extremely unlikely.

Q. Regarding the age 60 rule, can anyone who turns 59 in the calendar year play?
A. Beginning with the 2015 tournament, all players must be 60+ by December 31. See our Rules page.

Q. Is the tournament sanctioned by MSBL?
A. Of course. They advertised us in the MSBL National Regional tournaments schedule, and all organizations are welcome to play in our FUN tournament..

Q. How is the tournament played and how are teams seeded?
A. Each team will play 4 pool games in random order within their division, which will determine specific seeding. Teams are pre-seeded only into National (higher) and American (lower) divisions. That determination is made first by prior year placement and results. Teams that win the American division are likely to move up the following year; likewise, teams that do not have any success in National division play, will likely move down. The tournament director and committee may move teams between divisions based on specific considerations such as recent tournament performance or manager requests. After pool play, teams will be ranked within division by their won-loss percentage, with ties resolved by head-to-head competition, total runs allowed, then a coin toss. The tournament committee, in rare circumstances, may re-balance seeds between divisions, if any are determined to be out of line. In 2016, the 65+ teams will play-off in one division; for the 60+ teams, 6 teams pre-seeded National and 6 teams pre-seeded American will be placed in 3 4-team divisions, adding a Central division, determined by pool records.

Q. More questions?
A. Click here: Ask a question

Tournament Rules

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