San Diego Memorial Day Senior Baseball Tournament


The San Diego Memorial Day Weekend Senior Baseball Fun Tournament is an annual hardball tournament for seniors, age 60+, held each Memorial Day Weekend in San Diego, California. It may be the largest annual senior baseball tournament in the world. Play format is MSBL rules, wood bats only, The purpose of the MDW tournament is to raise money for improving San Diego's baseball playing fields, as well as for seniors to have some fun. As a qualified non-profit organization, all tournament proceeds are donated to local ball fields and programs. The "fun" aspect of our tournament relates to enjoying our fields in a friendly, no arguments way, but is not about having too much fun. We respect our local schools' no alcohol policy, with no exceptions. And we treat our fields and crews with the same respect so we can continue to use these fields year after year.

The 9th annual Memorial Day Weekend Fun Tournament will be held May 25-27, 2019. After a successful tournament in 2011 with 4 teams playing, the 2012 event featured 8 teams playing on diamonds at SDSU and UCSD. In 2013, the tournament expanded to 16 teams, playing on two more fields, Grossmont Jr College and Silver Strand (Coronado High School). In 2014 teams also played at San Diego High School, and in 2015 all games were played on college ballfields: Grossmont College, San Diego Mesa College, San Diego City College and UCSD. The 2016 tournament featured, for the first time, a 65+ division and play for the first time on the beautiful Southwestern College field, in addition to Grossmont College, SDSU and UCSD. The 2017 tournament, in addition to SDSU and UCSD, expanded to fields in San Diego's North County, the first outside enterprise to ever play on the immaculate Palomar College diamond as well as Escondido High School and a day on Calvin Christian School. And the 2018 tournament had six 65+ teams and ten 60+ teams playing at beautiful Carlsbad High School's Ralph Cripe Field for the first time, as well as returns to Escondido HS, Palomar College and UCSD..

North County Storm
2018 Tournament Contacts:
Jim Teeter (858-999-5141)

For details, see Results Pages

2018 Results
1. L A Athletics 2. Norcal Antiques
1. Sacramento Tribe 2. San Diego Pirates
1. 65 Dragons 2. 65 San Diego Mudcats
1. 65 Seattle Silver Foxes 2. 65 Vets

2017 Results
1. L A Athletics 2. Sacramento Tribe
1. Dragons 2. Norcal Antiques
1. San Diego Pirates 2. San Diego Patriots
1. San Diego 65s 2. Norcal Antiques 65

2016 Results (2015 pictures at right will be replaced)
1. North County Storm 2. Greenwood Ridge Dragons
1. Tri Valley Antiques 2. Paladin USA
1. Tortuga Solons 2. San Diego Patriots2014 Champs, LA Athletics
1. San Diego Mudcats 2. San Diego Padres

2015 Results
1. LA Athletics 2. Greenwood Ridge Dragons
1. LA Dodgers 2. San Diego Mudcats
1. Tri Valley Antiques 2. San Diego Heat2014 Champs, LA Athletics
1. San Diego Shaggers 2. San Diego Padres

2014 Results
1. LA Athletics 2. Greenwood Ridge Dragons
1. California Tribe 2. San Diego Buzzards
1. Seattle Silver Foxes 2. Paladin USA
1. Taos Tortugas 2. Salt Lake City Dodgers

2013 Results2013 Champs, Greenwood Ridge Dragons
1. Greenwood Ridge Dragons 2. North County Storm
1. San Diego Buzzards 2. Tri-Valley Antiques
1. Seattle Silver Foxes 2. Arizona Diamondbacks
1. Salt Lake City Dodgers 2. Taos Tortugas

2012 Results
1. San Diego 65+ Mudcats
2. Unknown as of 2/23/152012 Champs - SD 65+ Mudcats

2011 Results
1. San Diego Mudcats
2. Seattle

Updated June 7, 2018

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